Hiring Graduate Students & Alumni

Canadian Polar Commission: In-course graduate students conducting northern scientific fieldwork or research are eligible to receive funding meant for offsetting costs of living and transportation. Deadline: December 1st each year.

Career Focus: Offers a wage subsidy that covers the majority of recent post-secondary graduate’s wage for a term of up to 25 weeks. The position must be related to the graduate’s educational focus and the maximum funding amount per intern is $20,000.

National Research Council of Canada, Industrial Research Assistance Program: Helps fund internships for university graduates between 6-12 months in length. The program is targeted towards small and medium sized businesses working on technologically innovative products and processes and covers 50% of costs – up to $15,000 towards the first 12 months of a new hire under 30 years of age. 

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) – Industrial R&D Fellowships: Helps companies hire a recent Ph.D. graduate for a two-year period to undertake a research project of importance to the company, and to evaluate the post-doctoral fellow for potential long-term employment. Companies receive $30,000 per year and must contribute a minimum of $10,000 to the student.

Science and Technology Internship Program: Helps employers hire recent graduates in the natural sciences and engineering fields. Maximum funding provided is $13,500 over 52 weeks. Deadline: end of February each year.

Young Canada Works: Sponsors an internship program that will contribute $2000-$3000 directly to employers and cover $8000-$12,000 of salaries for unemployed university graduates in positions that are either bilingual or focus on fostering Canadian heritage and culture.