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Co-operative Education/ Employer Development Team

Commerce, Arts & Applied Science 

Janet Brydges, Co-op Coordinator (Marketing Management), x 52396

Tyler Clark, Co-op Coordinator (Accounting, Management, Real Estate & Housing), x 52570

Shelley Gallina, Co-op Coordinator (Child, Youth & Family, Adult Development, Hospitality & Tourism Management, International Development Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Public Management), x 52354

Ian Wallace, Co-op Coordinator ( Food & Agricultural Business, Management Economics & Finance, Economics, Mathematical Economics), x 52397


Laura Gatto, Co-op Coordinator (Bachelor of Computing Programs), x 58243

Kate McRoberts, Co-op Coordinator (Bachelor of Computing Programs), x 52877


Lawren Carroll, Co-op Coordinator (Bachelor of Engineering Programs), x 52663

Sheila Hollidge, Co-op Coordinator (Bachelor of Engineering Programs), x 56135

Katherine Sorensen, Co-op Coordinator (Bachelor of Engineering Programs) 

Arran Tyre, Co-op Coordinator (Bachelor of Engineering Programs), x 53969


Andrew Kramer, Co-op Coordinator (Bachelor of Science Programs), x 52515

Lindsay Peddle, Co-op Coordinator (Bachelor of Science Programs), x 54277


Grad Recruitment

Carrie Steele, Employer Development Coordinator

csteele@uoguelph.cax 52305



Sinead Artem, Marketing & Website Coordinator, x 58230

Olivia Dziuba, Co-op Student, Marketing and Events Assistant, x 52827


Sarah Goody, Events Coordinator, x 52432

Suzanne Hagarty, Employment Recruitment Coordinator, x 52394


April Manarang, Employer Services Coordinator, x 58719


Lauren Ryan, Employment Services Coordinator, x 54365


Jaleh Sasani, Business Systems Analyst II


Carole Shirley, Administrative Assistant, x 52218


Lindsay Shirley, Employment Services Coordinator

lindsay.shirley@uoguelph.cax 54039


Alice Tringham, Employment Services Coordinator, x56154


Ahmri Vandeborne, Marketing and Communications Assistant


Brittney Wellwood, Co-op Process Administrator 
brittney.wellwood@uoguelph.cax 53310


Sharon Young, Customer Service Coordinator, x 52323

Student Services

Carla Bradshaw, CBE Co-op/Career Coordinator

cbradsha@uoguelph.cax 56866


Nicola Edwards, Career Advisor

naedward@uoguelph.cax 52119


Kris Gies, Career Advisor, x 52119


Julia Leary, Career Advisor, x 53658 


Jana McDonald, Career Advisor, x 56342 


Brittney McManusCoordinator, Student Programs, x 54797


Heather Powell, On-Campus Co-op Coordinator | Instructor, COOP* 1100

hpowells@uoguelph.cax 56345


Karolina Rachtan, Career Advisor, x 52423


Louisa Smith, Career Advisor


Experiential Learning

Christy Niven, Manager, Employment Services & Systems
cniven@uoguelph.cax 52395


Daniel Poulin, Experiential Learning Specialist
dpoulin@uoguelph.cax 58551 


Campus and Community Integrated Learning

Cassie Wever, (she/her), Coordinator, Community Engagement & Social Change 

cassie.wever@uoguelph.cax 58817


Rei Yang (he/him), Coordinator, Local Engagement, x 58537


Elaine Fenner, Director, Experiential Learning, x 52586

Colleen Myronyk, Associate Director, Co-operative Education & Work-Integrated-Learning, x 56260

Janet Doner, (she/her), Manager, Campus & Community-Integrated Learning

janet.doner@uoguelph.cax 52782 


Jill Ferguson, Manager, Curriculum Team, x 56202


Laura Ignor, Manager, Business Operations, x 52364


Claudia Mellad, Manager, Co-operative Education

(519) 400- 0325


Christy Niven, Manager, Employment Services & Systems, x 52395