Graduate Students

Making the transition from graduate studies to employment is an exciting and often time consuming process. Deciding to pursue an academic job search or a career outside academia is one of the major decisions to be made.

Appointments with professional Career Advisors are available to discuss your career planning and job search needs, along with targeted career resources for graduate students.  

Career Resources:

Aurora E-Learning Platform

  • Aurora is an e-learning platform providing career advice to graduate students and postdocs. Over 70 hours of on-demand videos, and 120 interviews with PhDs are available on this site. The content is updated monthly.

  • Collaborative endeavour that brings together key campus services that support academic and professional skill development for UofG graduate students

  • Beyond the Professoriate is an annual 2 day online career conference (May) for graduate students and recent PhD’s. The conference focuses on careers outside of academia and how to successfully transition to work beyond the professoriate and successful job search strategies.

  • Blog, consulting services and an excellent list of resources for PhD’s (comprehensive list of books, websites, podcasts/webcasts & professional services). Also includes a Q&A section featuring PhD’s that transitioned to careers outside academia.

  • Career related articles & blogs for graduate students and PhD’s with an emphasis on careers outside academia

  • Career advice on job search topics, careers outside academia, working at community colleges, etc.

  • Humanities and social sciences career resources (previously

  • Academic and university job search site in Canada & abroad, career advice & event listings for the academic community

  • Job postings from post-secondary institutions and organizations across Canada 

  • Informed Opinions is a database created to increase women's voices and gender balance in media. The database includes female experts available for inquiries from journalists, producers, conferences planners, recruiters and research collaborators. You can apply to be listed as an expert in your research area to gain exposure and increase your profile in the media and industry.