Experiential Learning Hub

The Experiential Learning Hub is home to experiential learning opportunities on and off campus, co-op, career education and community-engaged learning. 

Our vision is to deliver professional and career development opportunities that enable students to find purpose and thrive as scholars, professionals, and citizens in our global community.


We will achieve this vision by:

  • Providing every diploma, undergraduate, and graduate student high quality, relevant, inclusive, and accessible Experiential Learning (EL) opportunities,
  • Expanding and stewarding meaningful relationships with community and industry partners,
  • Integrating Professional and Career Development (PCD) seamlessly into post-secondary education in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular domains,
  • Embedding the assessment of knowledge, skills, and attitudes into curricular and co-curricular EL opportunities that foster well-rounded professional development,
  • Creating innovative opportunities through a diversity of modes and technologies that reflect the dynamic professional landscape,
  • Providing every student with a digital Professional and Career Development Record through which they may identify, track, reflect upon, and articulate their learning and growth related to experiential learning opportunities, and
  • Supporting students in their transitions from post-secondary studies to work, research, and global engagement.


Building upon our Gryphon commitments of being Determined, Caring, Engaged, Respectful and Authentic, the values that will guide our work are:

Equitable Belonging - We work to provide inclusive and accessible EL opportunities to all students. We continuously work to resolve barriers to participation to ensure each student sees EL opportunities that speak to their needs, interests, and realities. We also work to ensure we provide equitable partnering opportunities with organizations that are under resourced.

Community – As an institution we focus on a collaborative and integrative approach to PCD, using our collective skills and expertise to create high-quality experiences that contribute to our campus and local communities, and society more broadly.

Impact – Our approach to PCD contributes to our University motto to Improve Life. We know that acknowledging PCD as a keystone in a pedagogic strategy will have a measurable impact on students’ academic experience, and better prepare them to have a positive impact on society.

Student-Centered Excellence – Grounded in student development and experiential learning theory, we believe in meeting each student where they are at and helping them identify and get to where they want to grow and go.

Integrity – It is important that EL is purposeful, ethical, and grounded in trusting relationships with students, external partners, and staff and faculty. We work with partners and students in identifying and working towards outcomes that benefit the greater good.

Sustainability – In order for our PCD strategy to carry us into the future, it needs to be resourced, adaptable and be able to respond to changes. When developing partnerships and EL opportunities we always consider growth potential, and how we can continue to identify mutually defined benefits.

Innovation - The same way in which our PCD strategy contributes to developing creative thinking and problem-solving in our students and communities, we need to always remain open and proactive in considering new ways (and new technologies through which) to offer EL to our students, enhance community impact, and address resource gaps.

Student Affairs

The Experiential Learning Hub is part of Student Affairs at the University of Guelph. Student Affairs is dedicated to developing the person, the scholar and the citizen.


The Experiential Learning Hub strives to ensure that job opportunities are legitimate and are offered by individuals with good intentions; but we cannot make any guarantees. The EL Hub does not perform background checks on employers posting job opportunities, or on students applying for jobs. Employers and students are encouraged to request reference information from each other as needed to establish qualifications and credentials.

The EL Hub makes every effort to ensure that the information contained on our website and printed materials are accurate. Links from our website are believed to be relevant and up-to-date. We do not accept responsibility for information contained on external websites.