Your Co-op Work Term Report

Work term reports are an integral part of the co-operative education experience which enable you to integrate the unique insights and learning gained through your work experiences with the academic knowledge that you have acquired through your studies.

Work term report requirements vary by program and employers may be asked to sign off on the report, prior to submission. Work term reports are to be submitted to your academic department by the 5th class day of the semester following your work term. Your Co-op Faculty Advisor will evaluate the report and grade it on a scale of: Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Satisfactory, and Unsatisfactory*. This grade will appear on your official transcript.

If you would like to have someone read your Co-op Work Term Report, the Writing Services team in the Library supports University of Guelph students of all levels in becoming stronger, more confident writers. 

Please click on Work Term Report Guidelines for discipline specific guidelines.