It is the student's responsibility to:

  • Comply with all relevant federal and provincial federal and provincial legislation. Refer to Employment Standards Legislation of Canada.


  • Provide accurate and appropriate information on resumes, application forms and during interviews.
  • Cover letter and resumes should correspond to the position and company.
  • Ensure that resume and/or cover letter are up-to-date with current email address and telephone number.

Applications Specific to Recruit Guelph:

  • Follow application instructions specific to the job description.

Applications Specific to Co-op: (co-op students should also refer to the Co-op Student Policy Agreement*)

  • The success of the Co-operative Education program is dependent upon a good quantity of students applying for the posted co-op positions.
  • Each co-op student seeking employment must be active in the CECS employment process. A student must apply to at least 6 of the posted co-op jobs, or provide substantial verification that he/she has been engaged in a job search outside of the co-op process. If these conditions are not met by the last day of the academic semester in which the student is seeking employment, the student will be ineligible for additional support from CECS in attaining a co-op work term.
  • Students participating in the co-op programs with small enrollments should speak with their Co-op Coordinator early in the employment process to clarify the appropriate level of job search activity for their situation.


  • Select your interview timeslot as soon as possible when an interview is granted using Recruit Guelph.
  • Interview candidates may contact CECS regarding an alternative interview once an interview has been confirmed on the Recruit Guelph website.
  • Be prepared for the interview by researching the company, bringing any documents that may be requested during the interview (resume, transcript, portfolio, writing sample, reference letters).
  • Allow enough time to arrive for the interview as scheduled.
  • Conduct all interviews in a professional manner.
  • In the event of the inclement weather, employers and students are advised to check the University of Guelph website regarding potential closure (announcement usually posted by 6:30am). If the university is closed, interviews that day will be cancelled. We will contact you to reschedule the interviews as soon as possible.

Interviews Specific to Recruit Guelph:

  • Notify CECS within 24 hours if interview must be rescheduled or cancelled. Neglecting to do so may result in limiting the use of services provided by CECS.
  • Promptly acknowledge (accept/reject) invitations for first or second interviews as soon as you receive notification.
  • Notify employers within 24 hours if first or second interviews must be postponed or cancelled.
  • Accept interview invitations (second and subsequent) only when seriously considering a position with the employer.

Interviews Specific to Co-op

  • Students are not required to attend interviews after an acceptance has been confirmed on our website.
  • Students may contact CECS regarding an alternative interview timeslot only if the available interview times are in direct conflict with a lab or exam. Students may be required to miss class in order to attend an interview.
  • Missing an interview may be cause for withdrawal from the Co-op program.

Job Offers

  • Honour the acceptance of an offer, as it is a contractual agreement with the employer.
  • Where necessary, carefully review any employment contracts or confidentiality agreements before signing to ensure you understand your legal obligations. Allow yourself at least 48 hours.

Job Offers Specific to Recruit Guelph:

  • A 48-hour period is recommended for any candidate considering a job offer.
  • Discuss offers with employers to verify terms and reach mutually acceptable responses. Respond to the employer within the agreed upon time.
  • Respond to every offer. Notify employers of acceptance or rejection of an offer as soon as a decision is made.
  • Notify CECS immediately upon confirmation of a job acceptance to be removed from the recruitment process.

Job Offers Specific to Co-op:

  • Students must respond within 2-business days from the day the offer is sent. Offers will be posted on the website as they are received and expire at 11:59pm, 2-business days later (Note: Thursday and Friday offers expire on Monday at 11:59pm).
  • Students must accept the offer of employment online at Recruit Guelph. Accepting an offer is an agreement to work with the employer in the specified position as a co-op student. Refusal thereafter to work with that employer or in that specified position will be considered a breach of contract and may be cause for removal from the co-op program.

Job Declines-Specific to Co-op:

  • There is a 'One Decline Rule" in effect for all co-op students at the University of Guelph. Students are allowed to decline only one offer of employment per employment process.
  • Students wishing to decline a second offer must consult with their Co-op Coordinator. A second decline will only be approved in extenuating circumstances. Students who do not respond to an offer by the 2-business day deadline will be deemed to have declined. The "One Decline Rule" cannot be used to revoke a previously accepted offer of employment.
  • A non-approved second decline will result in the student being removed from the employment process, and may also result in the student being removed from the Co-op program.
  • The Withdrawal of an Application does not constitute a decline.

Please note:

  • Co-op students should also refer to the Co-op Student Policy Agreement.
  • CECS sends employment offers to students via the Recruit Guelph website and an email to their account.