International Students

International students who meet the co-op admission requirements for their degree program or associate diploma are welcome to participate in co-operative education at the University of Guelph. Applications to co-op for International students are processed the same way as applications for regular students. Co-op fees are the same for both international and domestic students.

International students are defined as not Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents or Landed Immigrants and are paying international fees at the University of Guelph.

Admission to co-op for high school International students is based on the following criteria:

Admission to co-op for current University of Guelph International in a degree program is based on the following criteria:

  • You are in first year of one of the programs that offers co-op.

  • You have a minimum of 70% or higher in your first year courses (meeting the minimum GPA requirement does not guarantee your admittance to co-op).

  • You are taking a full-time course load each semester (a minimum of 2.0 credits unless you have an approved accommodation plan due to medical, psychological, compassionate reasons).

  • You agree to the schedule of studies for your proposed co-op program as outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar, or as approved by your Faculty Advisor and the Experiential Learning Hub. 

  • There is currently space in the co-op program to which you're applying.

Continuation requirements for co-op students include:

  • Taking a full-time course load each semester (a minimum of 2.0 credits unless you have an approved accommodation plan due to a disability-related reason or an approved accommodation due to medical, psychological, compassionate reasons). 

  • Following the academic schedule as specified in the Undergraduate Calendar

  • Securing a co-op work permit prior to the beginning of your first co-op employment process.

*Note: In the Undergraduate Calendar, the degree program followed by :C (a colon and the letter C) denotes co-op; for example, MEF:C is co-op.

To Apply:

  • Depending on the program of interest, applications are accepted in either the Fall or Winter semester and are due by the last class day. You can confirm your application deadline by reviewing the Current University of Guelph Student Co-op Admission Timelines.

  • As listed above, in-course admission is dependent upon academic achievement, space in the program and agreeing to the schedule of studies as outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar. If you are not currently in co-op and would like to apply, please follow the application instructions and complete the applicable forms available in the Forms section.

  • Students applying during or after their second year will not be considered for co-op. Please email if you have any questions.