Become A Peer Helper

Do you see yourself in a career that involves advising, mentoring, program/event planning, marketing, training or leadership opportunities?

Do you want to strengthen your communication, interpersonal, leadership or presentation skills?

Are you looking for a rewarding on-campus opportunity that will allow you to network with other students and professionals across campus?

Do you want to work with an amazing team of friendly and supportive peers and take part in fun social events?

If so, becoming a Career Services Peer Helper may be the perfect fit for you!

This rewarding co-curricular experience will allow you to mentor and support hundreds of students with their job search goals while enhancing your learning and skill development!

As a Co-op & Career Services Peer Helper, you’d be...

  • Advising students on their resumes, cover letters and interviewing skills in one-on-one appointments and through online critiques.
  • Contributing to career planning and job search-focused blog writing and online discussion topics in co-op preparatory course.
  • Facilitating a variety of job search workshops/presentations (summer job searching, resume writing, interview skills, etc.)
  • Participating in marketing and outreach activities throughout campus to promote Co-operative Education & Career Services.
  • Supporting front desk reception by triaging student inquiries and providing guidance and direction to students.

Required Time Commitment: 5 hours/week (~60 hours/semester)

Required Semester Commitment: 2 academic semesters. Co-op schedules, and study abroad/exchange semesters can be accommodated.  Applications will not be considered for a one (1) semester commitment.

If you have any questions about the Career Services Peer Helper team, please contact Brittney McManus, Coordinator, Student Programs - 

Click here to view the 2020 Peer Helper Recruitment Video

Peer Helper Testimonials 

“It is an incredible experience being a Career Services Peer Helper. As a Peer Helper, I not only got a chance to help students with their resume and cover letter critique but also helped myself to develop professional skills. I enjoy being a Peer Helper and want to continue this amazing experience throughout my university life.”
- Parneet K. (Microbiology Co-op)
“I love being a Peer Helper because I get to learn and grow while helping my fellow students. I made great friends by becoming a Peer Helper, and my opportunities have grown so much too. I'm happy to be a part of this diverse and wonderful group of people!”
- Ellie Y. (Psychology)
"I would highly recommend other students to participate in the Career Services Peer Helper program. Through my experience I have learned so many new skills, and have gained so much knowledge. For instance, I strengthened my job application skills, and learned how to transfer this knowledge to other students in order to help them succeed."
- Alyssa F.  (Food Science Co-op)
“Being a Career Services Peer Helper has allowed me to contribute to my community in a meaningful manner, while developing essential skills. The peer team is friendly and supportive, and there is exceptional opportunity to pursue personal development.”
- Bailey C. (Criminal Justice & Public Policy)
"Being a Career Services Peer Helper adds a purpose to my life beyond my student responsibilities. In addition, the joy of helping those who want to start their careers through summer jobs, co-op jobs, and post-graduation motivates me to improve myself in my own career. Through this volunteer program, I have a better sense of what the Gryphon spirit is all about."
- Dar'ya H. (Computer Science Co-op)