Job Search Semester

Your academic and work schedule will depend on your degree and major, but all students conduct their job search in the semester prior to their work term.

  • Stay in touch with your Co-op Coordinator. From this point forward your Co-op Coordinator is your resource for any co-op information, questions or concerns.
  • Check your @uoguelph email account regularly for important updates from our department. 
  • Be active and flexible in your job search.
  • Refer to resources from COOP*1100 and other areas on our website. 
  • Click here for tips on Virtual & Phone Interviews 


All University of Guelph students are encouraged to use our services as early as first semester, and certainly throughout the job search semester. This includes support with Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews. If you would like specific feedback, you can sign up for an appointment with one of our Peer Helpers or use our drop-in hours. For more information regarding job postings, workshops and career advising please browse the website.