Work Term Semester

*Your work term will involve a number of components. Be sure to check your @uoguelph email account regularly and remember the following items: 

Contact Information

You should submit your contact information to our website as soon as possible. Be sure to include your supervisor’s contact information, which is important for work term visit scheduling as well as your online performance evaluation (see below).

Learning Goals 

Your work term is where you put your academic learning into practice. Setting formal goals and monitoring your work performance enables you to be intentional about your professional development.

Your Work Term Learning Goals

1. Begin writing your Work Term Learning Goals after your first week, once you have a good understanding of your work duties and expectations.

2. Seek guidance and support from your supervisor to ensure your learning goals are relevant to your position. Ask him or her to review your learning goals before you submit them.

3. Submit your Work Term Learning Goals online at Experience Guelph, due in the 3rd week of the semester. Check the Important Dates calendar for the exact deadline of your learning goals (located in Experience Guelph, select Co-op and then the Events/ Workshops tab). 

  • Click on your current work term semester record, click on "Goals/Learning Outcomes", located just below the Work Term Details tab (left side of screen)
  • Click on "Create Record". You'll need to set 3-5 learning goals
  • Fill in the "Learning Goal", "Action Plan", and "Measure of Success sections".
  • Once you have entered your learning goals, click "SAVE" at the bottom of this page. 

4. To stay on track with your Work Term Learning Goals, you should evaluate your progress at least twice during each work term. These will be reviewed during your site visit, where your Co-op Coordinator will discuss your progress in meeting your goals with both yourself and your supervisor. 

5. At the end of your work term, reflect upon and evaluate your professional development. Complete the Work Term Learning Goals Reflection section on Experience Guelph. Provide a copy of your goals to your supervisor who will be asked to comment on your Work Term Learning Goals in your performance evaluation. 

Work Term Site Visits

During your work term a Co-op Coordinator will be in touch with you or your supervisor to schedule a site visit. Typically these are in-person, but for locations outside of Ontario, phone meetings, Skype or e-mail communication may take place.  The meeting is normally 30 minutes with the supervisor to discuss student responsibilities and performance to-date and 30 minutes with the student to discuss progress, review feedback and co-op requirements for the remainder of the term.

Work Term Reports

Work Term Reports are an intergral part of the co-operative education experience which enable you to integrate the unique insights and learning gained through your work experiences with the academic knowledge that you have acquired through your studies. 

Work term report requirements vary by program and employers may be asked to sign off on the report, prior to submission. Work term reports are to be submitted to your academic department by the 5th class day of the semester following your work term. Your Co-op Faculty Advisor will evaluate the report and grade it on a scale of: Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Satisfactory, and Unsatisfactory*. This grade will appear on your official transcript. 

*A final grade of Unsatisfactory will require resubmission. If you receive a grade of Unsatisfactory a second time, you will be required to withdraw from the Co-op program. 

The following tip sheets will be helpful for yor Work Term Semester: 

Success On the Work Term

Working Remotely