Decision Making and Goal Setting

Decision Making

There are many different decisions you will be making during your time at U of G. 

For many of you, your life followed a standard “plan”. However, once you complete your degree you may not know the next step. Many students are unsure about what they can do with their degree, some may have no idea what to do when they graduate, others are deciding between different further education programs, and some may have just too many options. This can be a difficult (and very exciting) time.

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Decision Making Steps

Why Can't I Make a Decision?

Goal Setting

We all set goals, but being strategic about it can ensure you are staying on track with your career aspirations. Setting formal goals and monitoring your performance enables you to be intentional about your professional development.

Most people think that in order to move towards their goals, they have to plan in a forward direction. As crazy as this may sound, one of the best ways to move forward is to plan backwards from your goal. As you plan backwards you will be able to break the big steps into smaller, more manageable “baby steps”

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